4 Ways We Help You Make an Educated Decision

Your printer has been thoroughly inspected and is in great working condition. Our photos, videos, history report, certificate and diagnostic printout assure you are getting a great printer at a great price.

We help you make a knowledgeable purchase decision. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent about the printers on our website. We share all the information we have available so you can confidently make the best purchase decision.

You’ll always get more than you paid for and you will always have all the information available about your pre-owned printer.


Each printer is shipped with the service history report (when available). This report includes detailed printer information including the brand, age, usage, and log history. We check the logs for any history of software errors or chronic paper jam issues. We repair and fix any issues listed on the report. A copy of this report is sent with the printer.

After the repairs are made the printer is set back to the factory setting. This erases the history of prints, scans, and accounting from the previous owner so it’s like a new machine again.


Technicians will calibrate the printer and make sure all the print heads pass the calibration tests. A diagnostic print shows detailed information about how well the print heads are performing. Technicians use this to check each individual print head. The quality of the print heads determines the quality of the prints.

A final diagnostic printout will be signed and dated by the technician, then included in the box with your printer. This will verify that the quality of the printer passed inspection and showed no signs of any printing issues. If there are any minor concerns these will be noted with the printer on the website.


Have confidence that each printer has passed a complete quality inspection by one of our certified service technicians.

We have the best technicians who are all certified and trained by each manufacturer. Our Technical Solutions Manager designed a checklist that covers all the areas of the printer that need cleaned and inspected for optimum printing performance. The firmware installed is up-to-date with the most stable and reliable version.

All used printers go through our comprehensive cleaning and inspection process before being added to our website for sale.

A certificate will be included to assure that your printer has passed the inspection and is in good working order and printing with the highest quality.


• Pictures of all sides and inside drawers is provided. When available, a picture of the touchscreen showing the usage total is included.

• Close-up video covering each area to see details.

• The usage or meter reading is similar to a car’s odometer. The usage number is lifetime total paper usage of the printer in square feet.
Example of usage: Usage – 42,419 sq. ft. of printed material.

• Detailed information about what the unit includes such as high capacity stacker or other options. Also an honest assessment of the print head functionality.
Example of comments:
Unit ships with high capacity stacker.
****Print Heads are As-Is Condition**** They are outside of the expiration date given by HP. The print heads still function, but may not be to exact standards.

• Features and technical specifications of the printer are listed plainly for review